Welcome to KASL TRAVEL Soccer Registration for Fall 2019 and Spring 2020

Travel soccer is an all year commitment both to the team and to the club. Travel players get more training, play in tournaments and compete at a higher level.  All travel Games are on Sundays.

Travel practices are mandatory and not optional.  KASL Travel soccer is NOT a school program.  Please refer to the parent/player commitment form that needs to be signed by both parent and player.

TRY OUTS IN EVERY AGE DIVISION WITH THE EXCEPTION OF FULL TEAMS WILL BE IN MAY OF 2019.  For tryout information, please contact Nick Malvai at iavlam@aol.com

KASL 2019-20 Travel Teams

Below teams are currently playing the EHYSL 2019/2020 season:

Under-18 Boys Team Cannons with Coach Emmanuel Nneji and Assistant Coach Steve Busch playing EHYSL High School Div 1.

Under-16 Boys Team Blaze with Coach Khattar Elmassalemah and Assistant Coach John Foster and Manager Jennifer Olenski playing in EHYSL.
Under-15 Boys Team Lightning with Coach Mario Castillo, Assistant coaches Nick Malvai and Ben Cooper and Manager Beth Bengtson playing in EHYSL.
Under-14 Boys Team Attack with Coach Juan Jeri, Assistant Coaches Michael Circe and Arturo Nieto playing in EHYSL.
Under-14 Boys Team Arsenal with  Coach Juan Jeri, Assistant Coach Arturo Nieto and Manager Chuck Malinoski playing in EHYSL Division 1.

Under-13 Boys Team Raptors with Coach Benjamin Cooper, Assistant Coach Juventino Ruiz Breton and Manager Kelli Cooper playing in EHYSL.
Under-12 Boys Team Thunder with Coach  Ray Campbell and Assistant Coach Jose Lemus and Manager Amanda Campbell playing in EDP (Premier).

Under-10 Boys team Dynamite with Coach Rich Valvo and Assistant coaches Jacquelyn Valvo, Thomas Grega, John Hornbeck and Manager Jennifer Kummer playing in EHYSL.

Under-9 Boys team Pirates with Coach Felipe Ramirez and Managers Amanda Powles and Sarah Yonnetti playing EHYSL.


Under-19 Girls Division 1 Team Flames, currently playing  EDP (Premier) SPRING 2019. Coach Nick Malvai and Manager Tara Poniros.

Under-18 Girls Team Sparks with Coach Damian Delisio and Assistant Coach Ward (Trip) Ingalsbe and Manager Sharemah Lomax  playing EHYSL Division 2

Under-16 Girls Team Warrior Eagles with Coach Emmanuel Nneji playing in EHYSL.
Under-14 Girls Team Wildcats with Coach Robert Airhart, Assistant Coach Jon Hornbeck, Assistant Coach Doug DeKoskie and Manager Kim Carpino playing in EHYSL.
Under-12 Girls Team Comets with Coach Chris Daughtrey and Assistant Coach Khosrow Zahedi playing in EHYSL.

Under-12 Girls Team Burn with coach Jeff Cullen, Assistant Coaches Bill Lamb, Marc Rider and Manager Suzanne Cullen playing EHYSL.

Call Nick Malvai KASL Travel Director at 845-532-7105 for information or questions.

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